Prince Albert Arts Board Annual General Meeting

The Prince Albert Arts Board held our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, March 27, 6:00 pm at the Prince Albert Arts Centre.

AGM minutes have been provided at this link. Financial statements for the 2017 year were presented at the AGM, and can be viewed here.

Two new members were inducted onto the Board of Directors: we're pleased to welcome Adreanna Boucher and Amanda Goller to the board.

The Vision of the Prince Albert Arts Board is drawn from the City of Prince Albert’s Civic Arts Policy. That Prince Albert’s

• Citizens have a multitude of opportunities to engage in creative pursuits as artists, students, participants, and audience members.

• Reputation as an inclusive, innovative and culturally vibrant city is broadly recognized.

• Artists thrive in an open and encouraging environment that places high value on their contributions to our community.

The Prince Albert Arts Board achieves its vision by:

• Advocating on behalf of artists and arts organizations

• Stewarding the Civic Arts Policy and assisting the City of Prince Albert in its implementation

• Actively engaging artists and arts organizations to understand their unique perspectives and needs

• Representing the arts in public policy making

• Generating and sharing resources to benefit the diverse community of Prince Albert and area through the arts

• Promoting Prince Albert and area arts within the city and beyond

We celebrate the arts as a key contributor to the fabric of Prince Albert and area and are accountable for the following values:

* Inspiration: We nurture an environment where others will be inspired to explore and participate in the arts and where artists will be inspired to create

* Accessibility: We actively work to reduce barriers to participation in the arts

* Inclusivity: We recognize, celebrate, and encourage diversity in artistic practice and participation 

* Relevance: We are committed to proactively and responsively serving the artists and arts participants of Prince Albert and area

* Respect: We will strive to ensure respectful relationships within the Prince Albert Arts Board and between the Arts Board and the community it serves

* Collaboration: We recognize the value and importance of collaboration in everything we do.

* Fiscal responsibility: We are committed to good stewardship of our resources

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