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The Prince Albert Arts Board exists to act as a bridge between the arts and cultural communiity and the City of Prince Albert. We celebrate the arts as a key contributor to the fabric of Prince Albert and area and are accountable for the following values:

  • Inspiration: We nurture an environment where others will be inspired to explore and participate in the arts and where artists will be inspired to create

  • Accessibility: We actively work to reduce barriers to participation in the arts

  • Inclusivity: We recognize, celebrate, and encourage diversity in artistic practice and participation

  • Relevance: We are committed to proactively and responsively serving the artists and arts participants of Prince Albert and area

  • Respect: We will strive to ensure respectful relationships within the Prince Albert Arts Board and between the Arts Board and the community it serves

  • Collaboration: We recognize the value and importance of collaboration in everything we do.

  • Fiscal responsibility: We are committed to good stewardship of our resources.

If your arts group is looking for help, advice, support, or an advocate, please reach out to the Arts Board. We make if our mission to

  • Advocate on behalf of artists and arts organizations

  • Steward the Civic Arts Policy and assisting the City of Prince Albert in its implementation

  • Actively engage artists and arts organizations to understand their unique perspectives and needs

  • Represent the arts in public policy making

  • Generate and share resources to benefit the diverse community of Prince Albert and area through the arts

  • Promote Prince Albert and area arts within the city and beyond

Even if all you need us to do is help get the word out about your group or event, please share your information with us so we can spread the word! Give us as much information as you can, including background, history, and the essential information (who, what, when, where, why, and how). Visit the Contact Us section of the website and tell us your story!

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