Arts Hall of Fame 2018 Inductees

It is the honour of the Prince Albert Arts Board to announce this year’s inductees into the Prince Albert Arts Hall of Fame.

Paul Lomheim: Builder of the Arts

Music was a big part of Paul’s life growing up, as his father was a musician. He has been producing shows for the past 13 years with the Saskatchewan Country Music Awards, Prince Albert Winter Festival for 20 years (specifically the Country North Show). He is also a very accomplished musician himself, playing all over, and has been working with the Northern Lights Casino, booking entertainment for as the marketing coordinator for over 19 years. The Northern Lights Casino is always providing live entertainment and promotions to entertain the city of Prince Albert. Paul is a big part of that. As a teacher, mentor and friend to many musicians, Paul continues to foster a positive environment for old and young musicians to not only play music alongside him, but to have a stage for others to hear them through his building of the PA Winter Festival; over 20 years of producing and 13 years as an integral part of the SCMAs. He had also produced a Saskatchewan Summer Games opening and closing ceremonies, and co-wrote the games song when they happened in Prince Albert. He has formed networks with other communities, has been invaluable in helping artists get heard, and has been instrumental in bringing big acts into our city.

Odyssey Productions: Performing Arts

Odyssey Productions is the definition of dinner theatre in Prince Albert, but what audiences see on stage is just a reflection of the time and effort put in behind the scenes by a number of dedicated individuals with a love for the arts. In its almost three decades, Odyssey has given countless arts lovers and artists a place to learn about and explore the various facets of theatre life—stage managing, directing, set design and building, sound and light design, costuming, and acting. Some of the young people who began their theatre journey with Odyssey have gone on to forge careers in the arts. By employing professional artistic directors and directors who use their diverse backgrounds to teach and lead, Odyssey has provided a great service to these up-and-comers, both through hands-on experience and by hosting a number of well-attended workshops, further extending an education in the arts to those interested and igniting a love for theatre. Odyssey Productions is almost entirely volunteer-driven. These tireless, dedicated members are a very treasured part of the fabric that makes Odyssey what it is. This little theatre company is a true example of what’s possible when people come together for a common goal; in this case, to present theatre for the love of it.

Herve Vallee: Visual Arts

Herve is most recognized as an artist for his creations in stained glass. Herve worked from his home studio for several years where he invited many interested and budding artists to try their hand at stain glass window-making or one of his many other passions. He has created stained glass windows found in Sacred Heart Cathedral, St. Joseph Church, Mont St. Joseph Home, Herb Bassett Home, Keyhole Castle and the Prince Albert Arts Centre. He has also been commissioned to create stained glass windows within community churches in St. Louis, Birch Hills, Shellbrook, Canwood, Leask and Melfort. Although Herve loves working in stained glass, lapidary is perhaps his first love. Herve is one of two remaining charter members of the Mid-Pro Rock and Gem Society at the Prince Albert Arts Centre. Since 1974, he has been an active participant and instructor of lapidary, faceting and cabbing (gem cutting). He was chairperson of the Mid-Pro Rock and Gem Society at the Prince Albert Arts Centre for several years. Since 1974, he has been working his craft every Saturday morning and has been an invaluable instructor to new members of the Rock and Gem Club at the Arts Centre where he has mentored many students. At 91, he is still very active both at his home studio as well as at the Arts Centre. He was one of the founding members in 1967 of the Prince Albert Council for the Arts which remains active today.

Margreet van Walsem: Visual Arts

Margreet was active in the visual arts for approximately 19 years. She began her artistic studies and career later in her life, when she and her family moved to Canada in 1955 (in her early years she completed intermittent courses in Latin, Greek, and math during WWII in the Netherlands, and then studied theology at the University of Leyden). In Canada, after studying design and graphic arts with notable artists Bruce Parsons, David Ross, Clifford Enright, Lorraine Malach, Orland Larson, and Jeff Wooller, she began an art practice that involved painting, drawing, batik, and weaving. Margreet excelled at the latter and found that the medium of weaving was best-suited to express her full range of creativity. She delved into the entire process, beginning with the washing, carding, and dying of raw wool; then gathering local roots, barks, flowers, berries, leaves and lichens to create natural wool dyes. Margreet then handspun the wool using either a Navaho spindle or a Cowichan spinner. Finally, she wove her tapestries by hand, rather than using a machine. She quickly became one of the most prominent fibre artists in Saskatchewan and pioneered modern tapestry as an art form in Saskatchewan. She regularly sought development opportunities, and studied under Anton Skerbinc (whose work was acquired by the SK Arts Board in their early years of collecting) in 1969, took dyeing classes with Ester Hasel at the Summer School of the Arts in Fort San, SK, participated in weaving workshops with Jagoda Buic (Yugoslavia) and Ritzi Jacobi (Germany) in Toronto in 1974, and throughout all these years she attended summer workshops at Emma Lake workshops.

The Induction Gala will take place on the stage of the John & Olive Diefenbaker Theatre at the E.A. Rawlinson Centre for the Arts on Saturday, September 29th. Cocktails begin at 6, dinner is served at 6:30, and the program will begin at 7:30 with speeches and presentations made for each inductee.

Tickets for the Induction Gala will be available as of Wednesday, May 23rd at the E.A. Rawlinson Centre Box Office. Individual tickets are $50, tables of six are $350. The box office can be called at (306) 765-1270, or tickets can be purchase in person at 142 12th Street West, Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am at 4:30pm.

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