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2020 Prince Albert Arts Hall Of Fame Inductee

Barveenok Ukrainian Dancers Logo

It is the honour of the Prince Albert Arts Board to announce this year’s inductee into the Prince Albert Arts Hall of Fame.

Prince Albert Barveenok Ukrainian Dancers: Performing Arts

The Prince Albert Barveenok Ukrainian Dancers are a 43-year old, non-profit Performing Arts organization, that have been the host of the Prince Albert Ukrainian Dance Festival for 34 years, which has attracted thousands of spectators, dancers and Instructors from all across Western Canada during that time. For the last 25 years the club has also hosted Obzhynky (Harvest Festival); one of the clubs’ major fundraisers for the year.

The Ukrainian Dance Club has annually performed during the coldest of months at various Prince Albert Care Homes, the Prince Albert Exhibition Parade, performances at the Prince Albert Raider games, as well as appearances at various lacrosse games, Tapestrama and KIN Enterprises. Seldom is there an event where the Prince Albert Barveenok Ukrainian Dancers aren’t asked questions about the significance of the costumes, regions or the music, so not only is carrying on the traditions important for the Barveenok Dancers, but the information goes a long way towards sharing these traditions with those who may not otherwise experience them. Over the past 34 years the annual Ukrainian Dance Festival holds an economic impact on the community, with thousands of spectators, dancers, families, friends, Instructors, and community members all gathering throughout the weekend to showcase and celebrate the beautiful stylings of Ukrainian Dance.

Due to recent events and safety protocols surrounding COVID-19, the 2020 Induction Gala will be postponed and a combined 2020 & 2021 Induction Gala will be held in September of 2021.

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