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Connections: 2021 Parts For The Arts

The Prince Albert Arts Board offers Parts For The Arts annually to help artists take the next step in professional development, or take the first step to growing their art beyond a hobby.

And, as always, it's completely FREE to attend! We can have up to 30 people in attendance, or you can opt for a livestream to be viewed wherever you might be. This year's event will take place January 30th, 2021.

With the events of 2020 limiting public access to events and retail locations, many businesses have adapted to online services to continue. And artists are no different!

Whether you lacked the time or knowledge to explore online avenues for your art before today, there's no doubt we have the time to figure it out now. In keeping with the theme of online, our Parts For The Arts has been adapted to help you navigate the new (or not so new) digital tools that can help expand your reach or connect with your art community.

For the day's schedule and to register, please visit our event page here.

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