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Prince Albert Arts Board Annual General Meeting

The Prince Albert Arts Board held its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, March 30th at the EA Rawlinson Centre for the Arts and via Facebook Live. Chair Adreanna Boucher outlined the plans going forward in 2021, and highlighted the events the Arts Board was able to offer in 2020, such as the induction of the Barveenok Ukrainian Dance Group into the Prince Albert Arts Hall of Fame, the annual Parts for the Arts event, and the creation of the payment guidelines for Artists and Event Organizers.

Performer Rebecca Strong, visual artist Tia Furstenberg, and production manager of the EA Rawlinson Centre of the Arts Roger Lantz all put their names forward to join the Prince Albert Arts Board as well.

Moving forward, and in keeping with the Arts Board's Strategic Plan, the 2021 Work Plan is being developed as well.

ORIGINAL NOTICE: The Prince Albert Arts Board will hold their 2021 Annual General Meeting on March 30th in the lobby of the EA Rawlinson Centre for the Arts. Anyone interested in hearing what the Arts Board does for the community, or maybe even joining the Arts Board, is welcome to attend!

About The Prince Albert Arts Board

The vision of the PA Arts Board is that Prince Albert’s • Citizens have a multitude of opportunities to engage in creative pursuits as artists, students, participants, and audience members. • Reputation as an inclusive, innovative and culturally vibrant city is broadly recognized. • Artists thrive in an open and encouraging environment that places high value on their contributions to our community.

The Prince Albert Arts Board also stewards the City of Prince Albert Civic Arts Policy, the Prince Albert Arts Hall of Fame, and the Helen Ferris Memorial Trust Fund.

Pre-registration for the AGM is required to ensure we are within COVID-19 guidelines. Register at

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